Supreme Court Invalidates DOMA

Impacts for Employer-Sponsored Plans

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With the Supreme Court’s invalidation of section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), same-sex marriage can now be recognized under federal law. The ruling creates significant impacts for all plan sponsors, even those not currently providing benefits to same-sex spouses or other domestic partners. Whether you are a plan sponsor, service provider, or advisor, join our experts in this 90-minute web seminar as they help you understand how the historic ruling changes benefits law and affects plan design.

Originally presented on July 25, 2013.

Seminar Level

Intermediate Difficulty

Topics Covered

Here’s some of what was covered:

  • What did the Supreme Court decide regarding DOMA, and what did it decide in the companion case on California’s same-sex marriage ban?

  • Will health and other welfare benefits now be required for same-sex spouses? What about retirement benefits under ERISA?

  • What additional impacts may apply with respect to COBRA, HIPAA, cafeteria plan rules, tax treatment of health coverage, and the general design of domestic partner benefits?

  • Which states currently recognize same-sex marriage, and which law will control whether individuals are considered married?

  • Are there retroactive implications for certain employers and employees (including effects on employment and income taxes)?

Please note: Non-benefits tax and employment law implications will not be covered.


Speakers: Howard D. Bye-Torre, Melanie D. Shaw, and Brigid Carroll Anderson. Howard is an attorney, Of Counsel with Stoel Rives LLP in Seattle, and a Contributing Author of EBIA’s Employee Benefits for Domestic Partners and HIPAA Portability, Privacy & Security, and a contributor to EBIA’s Self-Insured Health Plans. Melanie is an attorney, and the Editor and a Contributing Author of EBIA’s COBRA manual. Brigid is an attorney, Director of Seminars at EBIA, and the Editor and a Contributing Author of EBIA’s Employee Benefits for Domestic Partners.

Handouts: A handout of the seminar slides and other information is provided through download.

Viewing Details

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  • Recordings are accurate as of the date presented: Our recordings are accurate as of the presentation date of the live seminar. We supplement handout materials with articles from the EBIA Weekly covering significant later developments. You must check the table of contents at your access link for updates before viewing a recorded seminar.
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System Requirements for Recorded Web Seminars

EBIA uses WebEx technology for the seminar.

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